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Balance Me; the Body Edition teaches you how to communicate with your body to find out what you can eat. Your body is one giant chemical reaction. The food you put into it does matter and your body needs to digest the food efficiently. If it fails to do so then instead of your food helping your body, it can harm your body Using muscle testing you can energetically find out if your body can tolerate any given food. All you need is the know-how. The first section of this book will explain the technique and show a variety of ways to muscle test yourself and others. Included are patient case histories that add interest and humor to help the reader relate. Part two of the book is dedicated to the foods we eat. It combines Eastern and Western properties of 120 different foods explaining how a food can help heal a certain condition, the nutritional value of a food and the energetic nature of a food. This is valuable information for anyone who wants to take care of his or her body..

Balance Me The Body Edition; Let Your Body Tell You What To Eat

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