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Is Your Food Your Best Friend Or Your Worst Enemy?

There is a simple muscle test that can be done to find out.  Let me teach it to you.

How do you know what foods are good for your body?  Currently we give little thought to the foods we eat other than asking ourselves the infamous question: is this going to make me fat? If your body cannot digest the food you put into it, then the food that you are eating can cause disease.  Learning to communicate with your body to find the foods it needs is the most important step toward having a healthy body.

The techniques “Dr. Kathy” teaches are easy to learn, and can be done by anyone. The person being tested is usually surprised by the way their body reacts to food item that it does not like.


Dr. Katherine Teisinger, Acupuncture Physician, has been treating patients since 1997. She graduated from the Florida College of Integrated Medicine in Orlando, Florida and completed a hospital internship working in a hospital in China. As a way to give back to her profession she has served as Chairman and member of the Board of Acupuncture for the State of Florida. She uses acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and food therapy to treat her patients. Her office is located in Winter Haven Fl.



Story Ideas

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> 5 Foods That Can Prematurely Age You

> Digestions #1 Enemy - Ice

> Why Mom Was Right; It Is Important To Chew Your Food

> How Eating The Right Foods For Your Body Keeps You Healthy and Trim

> Beautiful Skin Starts With The Right Beautiful Food For Your Body

> How To Heal Health Conditions With Food

> Let Your Body Tell You What To Eat

> Muscle Testing Can Help You Find Out The Best Foods For You To Eat

Contact Information:
Dr. Katherine Teisinger DAOM Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Availability: Central Florida
Nationwide by arrangement
Telephone, Skype

Media Section:
TV: NBC affiliate WSFA regular guest host, 13 News
Newspapers; Lakeland Ledger, Winter Haven News Chief
Radio; Maggie Linton Show, Healthylife, Its Your Health



Dr. Katherine Teisinger DAOM, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has been treating patients since 1997. She graduated from the Florida College of Integrated Medicine in Orlando, Florida and completed an internship working in a hospital in China. Graduated from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine with a Docortate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.


Using acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and food therapy to treat her patients, she discovered if they did not remove the cause of the disorder, they could not get their body to heal. In many cases, this meant making different choices concerning the foods the patients were eating. Convincing them to make these lifestyle changes, not based on the opinion of “Dr. Kathy,” but on how their body responded when it was muscle tested with the suspected food was difficult.  This is how muscle testing for food sensitivities was developed.

Dr. Kathy is an entertaining, motivational speaker who is dedicated to teaching people how to take care of their bodies. She is on a quest to educate the public about the energetic and chemical reaction food causes in the body, and how individuals can learn to communicate with their bodies to find out what foods it can and cannot process.

Current and past endeavors and accomplishments include:

  • Served as the chairman of the board of acupuncture for the state of Florida for 5 years, currently still a board member.

  • Past president of the Winter Haven Toastmasters, and winner of Toastmaster of 
    the Year.

  • Gives educational speeches to clubs and groups around the local area.

  • Before attending graduate school, Katherine traveled all over the United States 
    giving educational seminars for a balloon manufacturer in Illinois.

  • Made educational videos for national accounts.

  • Published author in several balloon and flower trade magazines.

  • Performed as “Daisy the Clown," and was a regular guest host on the children's 
    television show “Young world,”WFSA a NBC affiliate show in Montgomery 



By  Kim
I had a major problem that I went to a surgeon to see what was going on I knew 
every clean bathroom with in 50 miles of my home. I also was seeing Dr Kathy and 
she had said to see the surgeon to make sure. Dr Kathy had started to treat me with 
a major change in my diet and with some herbs by the time I went back to see the 
surgeon I was getting back to normal. The surgeon had said that I had a form of 
collides and that he could treat me with drugs I told him I was going a more healthier 
way that I had changed to being gluten free and dairy free it took a couple of months 
but to this day 2 years later I am doing very well
Thank you Dr Kathy

A MUST for every household
By  Rich
As a 100% disabled veteran, I had exhausted traditional approaches to health and 
wellness. I had tried everything traditional medicine told me to do with marginal 
results. In fact, my health was on a downward declining spiral. Thus, when I first 
came to Dr Teisinger, I had numerous health issues, many which were as a result of 
damage done as a result of prescribed medications and foods I had been ingesting. 
The 'concept' that food could be the root 'cause' of some of my issues and the 
'concept' of muscle testing, at first seemed odd to me but what Dr Kathy teaches 
WORKS! I encourage all to read this book and follow its guidance. After following 
what she outlined in her book, in two months, my blood sugar went from 240 to 75, I 
am losing about 3lbs per week and most importantly, I am finally regaining my 
health!! A mind and a parachute only work when open - regardless of your 
reservations, keep an open mind and discern for yourself. We have only one life and 
we should live it at its best - something we can't do if our health is failing or in a poor 

Changed my life
By  Kara
This book is written by an inspiring healer and teacher. I have grown in health and 
wellness through her counsel and now she is sharing that with the world in her first 
book. Eating what your body tells you it needs will change your life.

Her book transformed my life!
By  Nicole
The concept of food causing a chemical reaction in the body seems like such a 
simple concept, yet it was one I hadn't thought about until I read this book and went 
to Dr. Katherine Teisinger as a patient. I have suffered from digestive ailments and 
extreme joint pain/ fatigue for the past 15 years. Dr. Kathy taught me this arm testing 
method and it turns out I am allergic to all dairy and gluten. Within a week of 
eliminating these two things from my diet, my joint pain alleviated, my acne cleared, 
my energy increased and my digestive problems vanished! A few weeks ago I 
decided to indulge in some dairy and guess what happened, all of my symptoms 
reappeared. Proof that this works. As a bonus to feeling great, this method has also 
helped my body maintain a healthy weight as I am only eating foods it agrees with. I 
highly recommend this book as it does a great job of teaching you how you can use 
your diet to heal your body and maintain optimal health and weight.

By  Niki  
I found this book very interesting! At first it seems like a very "weird" concept and I 
still feel strange muscle testing myself but it WORKS! I found out that my stomach 
aches were do to a gluten sensitivity by muscle testing foods in my own kitchen. I 
have cut out gluten and no more stomach aches for me!!! Best thing is I didn't have 
to sit in a doctors waiting room for hours and I was in the privacy of my own home. 
The book even has pictures to help explain the correct technique. We all know our 
bodies can do some amazing things so why not let it tell us what it does and does 
not need! I am hooked!!!

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