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Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick

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 Use your Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick to reduce inflammation and tension. It helps loosen stiff muscles, joints and increase your mobility.  Great for a work out or making working at your desk all day more enjoyable. Your journey to living without pain and drug free begins here . This is an ancient Asian Massage technique called Gua Sha or Scrapping. Done with a Gua Sha massage stick this style of body work does improve the condition of your muscles no matter your age or physical condition. Please enjoy my instructional video below.
Dr. Katherine Teisinger DAOM

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

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Muscle Healing Oil

Use the Muscle Healing Oil on the skin to make it slick. This allows you to use enough pressure to open up the muscle tissue to remove toxins.  Made from a combination of twelve different Chinese herbs, this oil makes a big difference in muscle health. It penetrates the skin and give the muscles the nutrition they need to feel good.

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When you can not reach the area that hurts ask a friend to help

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   How to use the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick on Yourself 

How to Use the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick on Someone Else's Back  

How to use the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick on the Upper Back 

How to use the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick on the Legs and Feet 

How to use the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick on the Lower Back 

How the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick Works

How to Clean the Ply-U-flex Massage Stick



What’s the most effective alcohol concentration solution? A concentration of 70 percent isopropanol is most effective for killing germs. An Isopropyl alcohol solution kills Staphylococcus Aureus in less than 10 seconds. A solution of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol will penetrate the cell wall more completely which permeates the entire cell, coagulates all proteins, and therefore the microorganism dies. The extra water content slows evaporation, therefore increasing surface contact time and enhancing effectiveness.

Spray 70 percent isopropyl alcohol on the Ply-U-Flex Massage Stick and wipe it off with a towel you can then wash later.

For those of you that feel more cleaning is needed, we suggest building a UV sterilizing box. We built one big enough for our Ply-U-Flex Massage Sticks, face cradles, cupping set and other equipment.

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