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A Natural Skin Care to Rejuvenate and Restore your Youthful Appearance

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Four Weeks Later


Skin Care System $111.00

Dr Kathy's Beauty

Both photos were taken with only eye make on

Finally a pure natural facial skin care system that is especially formulated to help your skin regain its youthful appearance. You can have spa like results with a simple beauty routine you do nightly in your own home. You will have results so noticeable your friends will ask what you are doing to give your skin such a youthful glow.

You will notice an improvement in:  

  • Wrinkles

  • Brown spots

  • Puffiness

  • Redness

  • Skin elasticity

  • Skin softness

Active Key Ingredients

rose oil.jpg

Rose oil

frankincense oil.jpg

Frankincense oil


Carrot oil

myrrh oil.jpg

Myrrh oil

grapeseed oil.jpg
hemp seed.jpg

Grape seed oil

Hemp oil

galbanum oil.jpg

Galbanum oil


Violet oil

How to Use

Dr Kathy's Beauty System


Other skin care lines give you a few written instructions on the back of the product, we do that, but we also offer you step by step instructions.  Please watch this video to see how to use this unique skin care system. It is more than just smearing cream on your face.

Perform nightly to receive the maximum benefit for your more Beautiful skin

Dr Katherine Teisinger, Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine has had issues with her skin since high school. She has spent her life developing this all natural skin care that is like nothing else.

She used commercial skin care until she turned 50 and they worked fine. Then her skin began to age. She developed brown spots, large pores and her skin began to sag.

Dr Kathy started looking for a different solution. Surgery and injections were not an option because of past allergic reactions. She has traveled the world searching for ancient remedies. With each discovery she began to develop her own skin care system. By testing it on herself she was able to see first hand how it was working, then sharing it with her patients with incredible results.

Dr Kathy just turned 60 and she is thrilled when people say to her "you can't be that old". Now after 10 years of development she is willing to share her discovery with you. Women with aging need to have an all natural skin care system that works. "We all want to look the very best we can"

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Kim, Office Manager

I have been using Dr Kathy‘s face polish and magic elixir for several years. I am 60 years old with a fair complexion and freckles. I had a couple darker freckles. They are now lighter; it has also helped with fine lines. I look at other women and think boy I do look good. For the price I think everybody should try this product. I know they will be happy with it.

Debbie headshot.jpg

Debbie, Business Owner

“This is the most wonderful skincare system I have ever used”. Since I am outdoors and exposed to the sun I was developing fine lines everywhere and my skin felt dry. I started with Dr. Kathy’s Beauty because I was looking for a skincare routine that was right for me . I wanted an exfoliant , paired with a gentle face oil to hydrate my skin. The magic elixir worked to improve firmness and elasticity , leaving my complexion moisturized and glowing . A little goes a long way and you will see results with your first order.  

Sara headshot.jpg

Sara, Enjoying Life

I’m 64 years old and have
only been using Dr.Kathy’s Skin Care for a short time now but I can already see a difference with fine lines. Dark spots are lightning and puffy dark circles under my eyes not to mention it smells wonderful!
I highly recommend these products

Why would you spend $300 to $400 on skin care products full of chemicals, when you can spend $111.00 on an all natural skin care nurturing system that leaves your skin looking younger.

Order Now

This is a handmade product and you do not want your order delayed. The health and beauty of your skin needs you to start taking a more natural approach to your skin care.


We pride ourselves in our revolutionary skin care and we love the results! However, we realize this is not for everybody. If you are unsatisfied with our product simply email and we will refund your entire purchase. Thanks for giving us a try!

As a limited time bonus you will receive a travel size of the Facial Polish and Magic Elixir. This way you do not have to leave home without your "Beauty".

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