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Balance Me: The Body Edition
only $9.95
Balance Me: The Body Edition

Balance Me; the Body Edition teaches you how to communicate with your body to find out what you can eat. Your body is one giant chemical reaction. The food you put into it does matter and your body needs to digest the food efficiently. If it fails to do so then instead of your food helping your body, it can harm your body Using muscle testing you can energetically find out if your body can tolerate any given food. All you need is the know-how. The first section of this book will explain the technique and show a variety of ways to muscle test yourself and others. Included are patient case histories that add interest and humor to help the reader relate. Part two of the book is dedicated to the foods we eat. It combines Eastern and Western properties of 120 different foods explaining how a food can help heal a certain condition, the nutritional value of a food and the energetic nature of a food. This is valuable information for anyone who wants to take care of his or her body..

An eye-opening guide on your health


Let your body tell you what to eat


Healing properties of foods



“As a 100% disabled veteran, I had exhausted traditional approaches to health and wellness. I had tried everything traditional medicine told me to do with marginal results. In fact, my health was on a downward declining spiral. Thus, when I first came to Dr Teisinger, I had numerous health issues, many which were as a result of damage done as a result of prescribed medications and foods I had been ingesting. The 'concept' that food could be the root 'cause' of some of my issues and the 'concept' of muscle testing, at first seemed odd to me but what Dr Kathy teaches WORKS! I encourage all to read this book and follow its guidance. After following what she outlined in her book, in two months, my blood sugar went from 240 to 75, I am losing about 3lbs per week and most importantly, I am finally regaining my health!! A mind and a parachute only work when open - regardless of your reservations, keep an open mind and discern for yourself. We have only one life and we should live it at its best - something we can't do if our health is failing or in a poor state.”



Dr. Katherine Teisinger, Acupuncture Physician, has been treating patients since 1997. She graduated from the Florida College of Integrated Medicine in Orlando, Florida and completed an internship working in a hospital in China. As a way to give back to her profession she serves as Chairman and a member of the Board of Acupuncture for the State of Florida. She uses acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and Chinese dietary therapy to treat her patients. Her office is located in Winter Haven Fl.

Dr. Kathy is an entertaining, motivational speaker who is dedicated to teaching people how to take care of their bodies. She is on a quest to educate the public about the energetic and chemical reactions food causes in the body and how individuals can learn to communicate with their bodies to find out what foods it can and cannot process.

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