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First Treatment:

Du 20, Bai Hui
Bl 11, Da Zhu
Bl 23, Shen Shu
Bl 61, Pu Can

Turn the patient over, then perform the Second Treatment:

Ren 15, A tear drop below, Jui Wei, Dove Tail
ST 25, Tian Shu, Heavenly Pivot
ST 32, Fu Tu, Swift flexible har
ST 41, Jie Xi, released stream


Both treatments are done in the same session for a 20 to 30 minute total treatment.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a type of anxiety disorder brought on by experiencing a 
dangerous or terrifying event. This can include military combat, violent assaults, natural or unnatural 
disasters, divorce, death of a loved one, child abuse, sexual assault, and accidents. A person with PTSD may re-experience the traumatic event at times—through dreams or flashbacks—and feel emotionally withdrawn from people to whom he/she was once close. Other symptoms of PTSD include trouble sleeping, feeling on edge, angry outbursts, emotional numbness, detachment from activities that were once enjoyable, feelings of guilt or anxiety, and difficulty remembering the event. These symptoms can be triggered or exacerbated by certain words, places or situations that remind the person of the traumatic event.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a commonly misunderstood condition that currently affects around 5 million Americans.

Acupuncture can often offer profound benefit to people diagnosed with PTSD. Acupuncture works by 
regulating the flow of Qi or life force in the body. In the case of PTSD, there is often what is called a Qi wild condition, in which one’s life force/vital energy have become chaotic, disturbed, or grossly inconsistent. Acupuncture is a powerful way to settle such energetic disturbances and return the body and mind to a state of balance and peace.

The 7 Dragon PTSD treatment as it is practiced today, was first presented by J.R. Worsley, a British 
Acupuncture Physician. Beginning in 2009 the US Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy began treating active 
duty military personnel using the Acupuncture treatment classically called the 7 Dragons. The goal of this 
emerging medical treatment is to treat PTSD without the use of drugs enabling the military personnel to 
perform their duties with a clear head.

"Personally I have witness this treatment calm down a person who was so emotionally distraught over her mothers health she could barely put a sentence together. I treated her using the 7 Dragon PTSD treatment and within 30 minutes she was peaceful and calm.

I use this treatment on police officers, fireman, and hospital workers, anyone who has been emotionally 
traumatized. Practical use of the 7 Dragon PTSD treatment in situations where the patient has suffered an 
intense trauma and the patient finds it hard to let go. For example, a death of someone close to them, a situation where they have been abused, any obsessional thought that does not shift, or any situation that has caused intense suffering. I even used it on a woman who was stressed out about her divorce. The results are amazing.  

If you do not live close enough to come to my office, please print out this page and give it to your local 
Acupuncture Physician. They will understand the treatment protocol and can administer the treatment. 
Please make sure you choose a licensed Acupuncturist. Some medical professionals other than licensed 
Acupuncturist or Acupuncture Physicians perform acupuncture with very little training and do not have an 
adequate education in Chinese Medicine."


This treatment grounds the Shen, which is the heart spirit, fully into the body. When the spirit is grounded into the body and meets the Jing, the essence of the Kidney, then the person can manifest their destiny and mandate. This allows them to fulfill their full potential.

This is a two-part treatment, using 1½-inch large gauge needles.

These 7 points are inserted right side to left, top to bottom with perpendicular insertions. They are inserted deeply, to engage with the Qi of the person, and then given a hint of sedation. The needles have the look that they are "at attention" in the body. They are retained for 10 to 15 minutes or until there is a noticeable difference in the patients eyes or their pulses. Remove the needles in the order they were inserted.

"Everyone I have treated has experienced some immediate benefit from this treatment."

The military protocol for this treatment on active duty personal is to only perform this treatment once a 
month and not to combine it with any other treatment on the day of needling. A side effect of this treatment can be bad dreams for the first couple of nights after the treatment. This is the body’s way of letting go of trapped emotions. As I have worked with this treatment I have found if the 7 Dragon treatment is performed once a week the patient can temporarily become detached from their emotions. I use muscle testing to decide how often to perform this treatment.

A Breakdown Of The 7-Dragon PTSD Technique To Be Performed by Licensed Acupuncturist Only
TCM Theory On How This Treatment Works

Stomach ChannelMental aspectThe stomach easily suffers from excess patterns such as fire or phlegm fire.Fire aggravates the mind and causes mental symptoms


Ren 15 (CV 15) (Turtle Dove Tail)
Lou connecting of the CV


•   Regulates the heart
•   Calms the spirit
•   Descends Lung Qi
•   Unbinds the chest
•   Mania
•   Mad walking
•   Mad singing
•   Fright
•   Excess signing

Stomach 25 (Heaven’s Pivot)
Front Mu point of the large intestine

•   Regulates intestines, spleen and stomach
•   Regulates Blood and Qi

•   Manic ravings
•   Another spiritual pivot point

Stomach 32 (Crouching rabbit)
Six cun above kneecap

•   Qi disorders
•   Mania
•   Ghost talk
•   Activates the channel and alleviates pain
•   Dispels wind damp


Stomach 41 (Stream Divide)
In the center of the ankle between the tendons
Jing River and Fire point of stomach channel

•   Calm's the spirit
•   Aggravate
•   Sadness
•   Weeping
•   Fright




Psychiatric Annals
May 2013 - Volume 43 · Issue 5: 236-239

1989 The Foundations of Chinese Medicine, A Comprehensive Text for Acupuncturists and Herbalists, 
Giovanni Maciocia, Churchill Livengstone

1998 A Manual of Acupuncture, Peter Deadman & Mazin

Al-Khafaji with Kevin Baker, Journal of Chinese 
Medicine Publications

Du 20 (GV 20) Hundred Meetings
Meeting point of all the yang channels
Point of the Sea of Marrow

•  Clears the mind
•   Lifts the spirit
•   Tonifies Yang
•   Strengthens the ascending function of the spleen
•   Eliminates interior wind
•   Promotes resuscitation
•   Lifting the spirits when depressed
•   Reducing method can be used for giddiness


Bladder meridian

•   Function is Qi transformation
•   Bladder like the Kidneys are affected by fear
•   The Bladder Channel enters the brain connects with the heart.
•   Disharmony of the brain or heart can give rise to psycho emotional disorders


Bladder 11 (Big Reed)

  • The sea of blood

  • Gathering point for bones

  • Meeting point of small intestine and bladder

  • Actions

  • Nourishes the blood

  • Expels wind

  • Strengthens bones

  • Soothes the sinews

  • Releases the exterior

  • Good for painful obstructions

  • Strengthens nutritive Qi

  • Releases and expels exterior wind

  • Good for bones and tendons

Bladder 23 (Kidney Shu)
Kidney back shu point
Kidneys stores the essence
Kidney is the root of the human body
If the kidneys are strong the mind will be happy and positive

•   Strengths Lower back
•   Nourishes the blood
•   Benefits the bones and marrows
•   Resolves dampness
•   Strengthens Kidneys
•   Benefits eyes and ears
•   Stimulates the mind
•   Strengthens the willpower
•   Stimulates the spirit
•   Lifts depression

Bladder 61 (Servant’s Respect)
Depression on the heel needle .3 to .5 Cun

•   Activates the channels
•   Alleviates pain
•   Releases mania
•   Manic ravings move
•   Seeing ghost
•   Turmoil disorders



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